Book review: Ten Commandments for the Thriving Writer by Karen Banes

It doesn’t matter whether you’re moonlighting or thinking of becoming a freelancer, you can take from „10 commandments for the Thriving Writer“ quite something. Karen Banes, a long time freelance writer and editor herself,  offers in a short guide simple principles on how to freelance and/or blog and/or write and publish an e-/book.

The first chapter offers simple, yet powerful routine for finding writing ideas – and it is simply brilliant. The last chapter on how to stay sane when freelancing closes the book in a style. And in-between, Banes mentions several handy resources for writers, „doable“ routines and advice to follow like how to re-purpose your content, outsource and network.

So, if you think of becoming a freelance writer and haven’t done much research yet, this is a „must-read“.

A disclaimer: I received a free copy in exchange of my honest review.

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